About healing crystals

Healing crystals help you by raising your vibrations. Raising your vibrations can have positive effects throughout all aspects of your life. You can realign your chakras, boost your creativity, remember your dreams, and so much more.

They can help you release energies and things in life that no longer serve you. Once you release those things standing in your way, you will find that various things in your life that used to seem impossible to accomplish fall into place.

Although you do not have to meditate to experience the effects of the healing crystals, I do recommend pairing them with meditation. They can help you raise your energetic vibrations and achieve your goals even faster.

If you’re ready to take that positive leap forward in life, I highly recommend you give them a try. After all, what do you have to lose other than low vibrations and negative energy holding you back!

Healing Crystals By Intension

Not sure which healing crystal is right for you? No problem, we offer the option to shop by intentions. 

Crystals For Balance
Healing Crystals

Our healing crystals have been separated based on the type of balance you are trying to accomplish. We have some that support emotional balance, which can be an excellent option for people going through puberty or trauma. We also have some crystals that balance the divine feminine and masculine energies. Last but not least, we have a category for balanced hormones. If these categories sound like what you’re looking for, this might be the perfect section for you.

Crystals For Chakras
Healing Crystals

Chakras are the energy centers in your body associated with various organs and bodily functions. That said, having unbalanced chakras can have a significant impact on your body’s overall functionality. Although meditation is a wonderful way to re-balance and clean them, using crystals can be a great addition to your meditation. There are various crystals for chakra work, whether you are healing or cleansing them. That said, we have them broken down into categories based on which chakras you want to focus on.

Crystals For Creativity
Healing Crystals

Creativity comes and goes, so it can be something people struggle with. If you are a creative person or even have a job that requires creativity, it can be hard to go through a creative block. Especially when it sometimes comes at inconvenient times, like when you’re trying to sleep. Then the creativity goes away when you need to use it. Luckily there are crystals that boost the creative mind.

Crystals For Dreams
crystal healing

When we fall asleep every night, our subconscious mind starts the process of working things out from the day. It does this through the creation of dreams. Sadly studies show that for most people, the dreams will be forgotten an hour or less after waking up. That’s if you remember them at all. Luckily there are crystals that can promote the remembrance of your dreams. They can even make them more vivid and realistic, which can also help you remember them.

Crystals For Intuition
Healing Crystals

Everyone has intuition; some of us have trained ourselves to listen to ours more. If that’s not you and you find yours hard to hear or listen to, that’s okay. Anyone can train themselves to listen and understand their inner voice more. There are also luckily meditations and crystals for intuition that you can use to help.

Crystals For Pain Relief
Crystals For Healing

Pain can make it hard to live your everyday life. Although I do not recommend stopping your regular pain management routine, I do recommend adding some crystals for pain relief because they can be a useful supplement to manage your pain. They can also eventually, if appropriately used, help with weaning you off of pain medications. However, I recommend talking to your doctor before ending any medicines of any kind.

Crystals For Sleep

In today’s world, sleeping can be the hardest thing we do. Have you ever laid down only to find that your brain is wide awake and immediately starts thinking about something that you need to do? Luckily there are both crystals for sleep and meditations that can help with that.

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