Spiritual Enlightenment


My name is Selina, and I am the owner of Earth’s Crystal Cave. I was born and raised in a Buddhist household in Houston, TX. Chanting, meditating, and learning the importance of spiritual enlightenment and how it affects not only us but the entire world.

From a very young age, I was obsessed with the power of crystals. As I held them in my hands and felt the energy coursing through my body, I knew that they where powerful healing tools. There was never a doubt in my mind that the benefits of crystals where real.

Flash forward, now I am an adult, and the only thing that has changed is how many crystals I have and how often I use them. I love researching the different types of crystals and what they are for. My favorites change constantly, but Amethyst has always been on the list.

About eath's crystal cave

I chose to create Eath’s Crystal Cave because I wanted to share crystals with the world. I created it to help people achieve their goals and help them along their journeys to spiritual enlightenment.

I wanted a site that had a blog that shared knowledge about the different types of crystals and what they can do for you. I also wanted a website that housed crystal of all different types, shapes, colors, and sizes. I haven’t gotten there quite yet, but I am working every day to make this dream a reality.

Earth's Crystal Cave
Spiritual Enlightenment

Crystals and spiritual enlightenment

How can crystals help with spiritual enlightenment? Crystals are amazing tools that can change, share, or clear surrounding energies. They all have their own different energies that affect us in various ways. Truth be told, you don’t even have to meditate with them, though I highly recommend it. You will see benefits from them simply sitting in the same room as you.

If you choose to use them during meditation, their abilities are stronger due to the energy sharing between you and the crystal. You learn to direct both your energy and theirs to achieve your desired effects. They can help remove negative energy, clean chakras, clean auras, align chakras, align auras, balance your divine feminine and masculine, and so much more.

One of the things I love about crystals is that it doesn’t take any fancy or expensive classes to learn how to use them. You can learn how simply by following your intuition, which some of them strengthen, and doing what feels right. But don’t worry. If you think you need help or guidance, you can always check out my blog to learn more.

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