Complete List Of Powerful Healing Crystals For Balance

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Trying to find some crystals for balance? No problem! We’ve got you covered. Today we are going to go over all of the amazing crystals for balance that we know of at this time. That being said we are not going to include any crystals for balancing chakras as that will be covered in a different post which we will leave a link to here when it is completed.

These crystals can be used in various different ways. You can place them in your home as decor, put them on your desk at work, wear them as jewelry, incorporate in yoga or meditate with them. Although my house is full of crystals on display, I personally find that meditating with them and doing yoga with them give me the best results. However, wearing them and keeping them close works wonders too!


Agate works to balance the yin and yang forces in the universe and within ourselves. This means balances the positive and negative forces and aspects in our environment as well as within ourselves. This can cause harmony in our environment and self acceptance.


When it comes to balance Amazonite is known for balancing your divine feminine and masculine energies. This is very useful for people who find themselves losing touch with their inner mescaline or inner feminine self. Or maybe you find yourself to feminine or masculine and want to experience the other energy more. Amazonite is a wonderful crystal for this and has a lot of other amazing qualities.


Amber promotes a more general life balance. This means that you will notice yourself balancing physical aspects of life, thoughts, emotions and much more better than you where before. That being said since it does promote general balance it is a softer stone and you may notice that it takes longer to balance specific things.


Amethyst is another crystal that brings general life balance to all. However, it also specializes in balancing the physical, mental and emotional bodies. On top balancing these bodies it is known for connected them to the spiritual body. This makes it one of the more powerful crystals for balance and is great to use if you are noticing that your various bodies need to be brought back in to balance, but also just want to experience a generally balanced life.


Ametrine unites and balances the divine feminine and masculine energy within yourself. If you feel that you are leaning to heavily toward of of those energies using this crystal can help you find your way back to that divine balance within us all.


Angelite is known for balancing your physical body with the etheric realm. This is the realm in which you realize that you are just energy and so is everything else and thus you are all connected. Since you reach this realization you can connect with the universe and everything in it.


Apatite balances the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. That being said it can bring you an overall personal feeling of balance and wholesness.


Aragonite is a stabilizing crystals that restores balance to your body both spiritually and physically. It raises your vibrations both bring energy into your body and preparing you for meditation.


Aventurine balances your masculine and feminine energies. This is great for bringing overall balance to your life and effecting your overall well being in a positive way.

Boji Stone

Boji stone is known as an energizing and balancing stone. It balances the masculine and feminine energies within the body as well as balancing and energizing the chakras, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This amazing stone provides overall balance to you in your everyday life.

Green Calcite

Green Calcite is a powerful crystal that brings mental balance to the mind. It dissolves rigid beliefs, aids in deprogramming and promotes letting go of that which no longer serves your mental state. It also promotes looking at situation with a positive mindset. If you are looking for crystals for balance to help you find mental peace, this is a great place to start!


Celestite brings balance and alignment to your body and energy and brings deep peace in stressful situation. It also aids in brings peace during conflict resolution. This makes it wonderful not only for spiritual enlightenment, but also in the stressful work environment.

It also promotes mental balance by balancing your intellect and instinct. This can help you make the right choices for you on both a logical and spiritual level.


Chiastolite is a crystal for balancing the emotions. When you reach an emotionally balanced state you are less likely to make emotionally driven choices which can end badly. Being emotionally balanced is also tied to good health and personal growth.


Chrysocolla is known for a couple of different types of balance. It is known for stabilizing the home life as well as relationships in a persons life. That being said the reason it is known to have these effects is because it causes emotional stability. This emotional stability helps you interact with people from a calm and collected state instead of letting your emotions take the lead.


Citrine is another one of the crystals that balances the emotions. The reason Citrine helps in becoming emotionally balanced is because of it’s powers in removing traits, feelings and tenancies that you have created. It also promotes positivity and joy. These two things combined make it powerful when it comes to balancing the emotions.


Emerald is known to promote balanced partnership or relationship. This can help you and your partner(assuming you are both wearing one) stay on the right path and prevent any toxic or unbalanced behaviors in your relationship. Beyond that, it helps the balance of all of your relationships with people in your life. It will ensure that your side of the relationship as well as interactions come from a balanced and harmonious place.


On a physical level Fuchsite is known for balancing the red and white blood cell ratio. So if you are experiencing any problems with your blood cell ratio it’s worth adding Fuchsite to your care plan.

Fuchsite is also known to promote emotional balance. Specifically in situations of codependency. It also brings balance between unconditional love and tough love.


Galena is known as a stone of harmony. It promotes general balance and harmony in all areas of your life. Including promoting harmony with the physical, etheric and spiritual planes. On top of being one of the crystals for balance it also promotes being grounded. This can help you stay grounded in your everything life.


Garnet is known for promoting energetic balance. Since the body as well as your soul is made up of energy, this energetic balance can have a huge impact on all areas of your life.

Gold Sheen Obsidian

Gold Sheen Obsidian is used for balancing your energy field. Balancing your energy field, or aura, can help reduce stress and anxiety. It can also make you feel more peaceful, energetic and even confident.


Hematite is known for balancing the mind, body and spirit so that they function together as one. It also promotes balanced meridians. So if you are working on your meridians you might want to add this crystal to your routine. It is also known for balancing the your yin and yang energies.


Jasper also balances our yin and yang energies. However, it also promotes the aligning of the physical, mental and emotional bodies with the etheric realm.

Physically Jasper promotes the balance of the mineral content within our bodies. This is great if you are trying to tackle your physical health and wellness.


Jet is known for stabilizing finances and protecting business ventures. It also helps balance the emotions, specifically mood swings. That being said if you are looking for financial stability, or are maybe manic in a way that effects your finances, jet will be a wonderful addition to your collection.


Kyanite promotes awareness of the steps needed to take to balance and heal your past. This is great for people who have baggage or trauma from their past that they are trying to overcome.

Kyanite is also one of the crystals for balance promotes the balance of yin and yang energy.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis promotes harmony between the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies. This promotes a deep inner knowledge which can cause serious personal growth.


Mookaite(also known as Australian Jasper) has the properties of normal Jasper as well as promotes the balance between inner and outer experiences. This is very powerful because we create our physical experiences everyday. This helps you experience the world in a more well rounded way. You will experience life from a balanced physical, emotional, and spiritual point of view.


Moonstone balances your divine masculine and feminine energies. This is wonderful for getting in touch with your more spiritual side, after all our souls have no gender and are therefor both.

Moonstone is also known for balancing the hormonal system. This, on top of other attributes, makes it perfect for women who are going through menstruation, or preteens who have just started experiencing the hormone shifts of menstruation. It can also help balance your hormones during pregnancy which can bring you relief on your journey. This makes it an amazing choice for women who are looking for crystals for balance.


Onyx is mainly known for it’s ability to aid in healing past grief or trauma that the wearer has yet to overcome. However, it also balances the yin and yang energies within the body. If you are someone who is looking for that balance or has sound old wounds that need to be healed Onyx might be the perfect crystal for you.


Rhodonite is known for balancing the emotions and encourages unity in your community and love for yourself and the people around you. It also balances the yin and yang energy within yourself, giving you a deeper energetic healing. It also balances and integrates mental and physical energies. The balancing of these two energies can have a huge impact on your life and view points. Rhondonite is a great choice when it comes to crystals for balance or someone wanting to do a lot of balance work.


Rhyolite has a balancing effect on the emotions and aids in many emotional problems. It aids in processing and letting go the past as well asgetting you connected more to the present moment. It is also known to be useful for past-life healing, though it does keep you anchored to the present. If you are looking for some emotional healing, whether from this life or past-life, but want to ensure that you stay anchored to the present then this is the perfect stone for you to try.


Ruby is known for having a balancing effect on energy and life in general. That being said, it can also overstimulate people who are delicate, irritable, or energy sensitive. However, Ruby has a lot to offer when it comes to crystals for balance and protection. If you are wanting to embrace the lovely energy from Ruby I suggest working with it slowly at first as you get used to the energy and effects it has and then slowly using it more.


Sapphire aligns and balances the physical, mental and spiritual planes and restore an overall balance to the body. If you are looking for a deep balance in your life then I highly recommend giving Sapphire and try. Although wearing it does help, as with all crystals, you will see the best results through meditation, crystal grids or other spiritual and energy based practices.


Serpentine is known for assisting in emotional and mental healing. It also assists in being conscious about your problem areas and sending energy to those areas to focus on healing.


Smithsonite not only brings balance, harmony and diplomacy into your life, but it also heals the inner child. It is great for people who faced a difficult childhood and felt unloved or unwanted. It also aids in overcoming emotional abuse. It aids you in overcoming and dealing with these areas in a gentle way. That being said it may need other crystals to bring conscious awareness of the problems, because although it does help with them it does not promote the conscious awareness of the problems.

Blue-Green Smithsonite

Blue-Green Smithsonite aids in balancing the energy feilds between the etheric and emotional bodies. It is important to also note that it has all of the perks of normal Smithsonite as well.


Sodalite is another one of the beautiful crystals for balance that aids in emotional healing and balance. It also aids in panic attacks and can help chase away fears phobias and guilt. It enhances your self esteem, acceptance and self trust bringing you a sense of balance and love for yourself and the world.

Orange Spinel

Orange Spinel is known for balancing the emotions and bringing you inner peace.


Tektite is known for balances the masculine and feminine energies we all have within ourselves. This can bring you a sense of wholeness and oneness with your true self.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is has a very grounding energy and also balances the yin and yang energies energies within yourself. It is great for people who are wanting to balance that energy while also ground themselves a little more.


Tourmaline is a very powerful mental healing crystal that balances the divine feminine and masculine energies in the body and help you to overcome mental blocks and blance the left and right hemispheres of the brain.


Turquoise is a very spiritual stone that balances the divine feminine and masculine energies within yourself. If you are looking to balance those energies while tuning into the more spiritual side of yourself then Turquiose is a wonderful crystal to use in your practices.


Ulexite is known for it’s ability to balance the yin and yang energies within yourself. It also aligns all of the subtle bodies so if you are looking to accomplish both of those things in your spiritual practices I highly recommend giving Ulexite a try!

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