Complete List Of Crystals For Chakras

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Chakras are the energy centers in your body associated with various organs and bodily functions. That said, having unbalanced, blocked, or unaligned chakras can have a significant impact on your body’s overall functionality. Crystals for chakras and meditation are a great way to help!

Keep in mind, as you do chakra work, that your body knows what to do, wants to be healed, and will use the energy from itself and the crystals to do just that. You don’t need to manipulate your energy, imagine any colors or make the energy spin in any direction. Naturally seeing a color or the energy moving a specific way is perfect normal and to be expected as you practice meditating. Just try not to control the outcome by imagining or expecting specific outcomes.

Where consciousness goes energy will flow. It’s best to place the crystal of your choice on the chakra and become consciously aware of the chakra. Set the intention for it to be healed and be aware of the space it takes up, the space around it and the space around your body that it effects. When we do this it allows the body to heal itself properly by taking a moment to focus our energy on that specific problem area. If you try to control the outcome then you are not letting go, not letting yourself be healed and can actually cause more problems with your chakras.

There are various crystals for chakras, whether you are balancing, aligning, stimulating or cleansing them. That said, we have them broken down into categories based on which chakras you want to focus on. There are many chakras throughout your body. However, we are going to focus on the seven main chakras. As you heal your main chakras, you should start intuitively learning where the others are and which crystals to use for them.

Please keep in mind that different variations of a crystal have their own unique abilities along with the abilities of the mother crystal. An example of this Violet Spinel. Violet Spinel has a strong connection to the heart chakra, but it still works with all the chakras just like normal Spinel. I did not add the various types of Spinel(and other crystals variants) to the “All Chakras” list because it would’ve been to long.

All Chakras

crystals for chakras

There are some crystals that actually work on all of your chakras. These crystals are great for people who are just getting in to energy work, or even just building up your crystal collection.

Make sure to read what they do for the chakras before choosing one though because they can have various different functions. Some will only align, only balance, only open, only remove blocks, etc. When

  1. Agate – Dendritic
  2. Aquamarine
  3. Azurite
  4. Boji Stone
  5. Calcite
  6. Chrysocolla
  7. Cinnabar
  8. Citrine
  9. Fluorite – Green
  10. Garnet
  11. Herkimer Diamond
  12. Jasper
  13. Kunzite – Yellow
  14. Kyanite
  15. Malachite
  16. Moldavite
  17. Phenacite
  18. Quartz
  19. Sapphire – Royal
  20. Serpentine
  21. Smithsonite
  22. Spinel
  23. Sugilite
  24. Sunstone
  25. Tektite
  26. Tourmaline

Crown Chakras

crystals for chakras

The Crown Chakra is located at the crown of your head. It is associated with spirituality, divine wisdom, enlightenment, universal connection, optimism, and imagination.

An unbalanced Crown Chakra can cause a lot of mental strain. Depression and confusion are one of the effects of the Crown Chakra not being correctly balanced. It can also make you feel mentally disconnected and lose faith.

People with unbalanced Crown Chakras have also reported light sensitivity and headaches. If you suffer from a lot of headaches or migraines, balancing your crown chakra can help you feel more at ease. I highly recommend getting one of our crystals for crown chakras.

  1. Amethyst
  2. Azeztulite
  3. Beryl
  4. Beryl – Golden
  5. Beryl – Chrysoberyl
  6. Danburite
  7. Diamond
  8. Fluorite – Clear
  9. Garnet – Pyrope
  10. Jasper – purple
  11. Larimar
  12. Lepidolite
  13. Muscovite – Violet
  14. Petalite
  15. Sapphire – Purple
  16. Sapphire – White
  17. Selenite
  18. Seraphinite
  19. Spinel – Violet
  20. Tourmaline – Colorless(Achroite)

Third-Eye Chakra

crystals for chakras

The Third-Eye Chakra is located above the middle of your eyebrows. It is associated with dreams, intuition, ideas, thoughts, and psychic abilities.
An unbalanced third-eye chakra can give you migraines and headaches, personality disorders, nightmares, and learning difficulties. People also report eye problems, hearing problems, and spinal conditions.

Although there are many crystals for chakras, I recommend amazonite or amethyst. Various chakras can be healed and balanced with them, which is helpful if you are starting to build your collection.

  1. Amazonite
  2. Amethyst
  3. Amethyst – Chevron
  4. Ametrine
  5. Atacamite (This one forcefully open the third-eye which can be overwhelming. So you might want to be cautious.)
  6. Azeztulite
  7. Celestite
  8. Danburite
  9. Fluorite – Violet or purple
  10. Iolite
  11. Lapis Lazuli
  12. Larimar
  13. Lepidolite
  14. Obsidian – Electric-Blue
  15. Pietersite
  16. Shattuckite
  17. Sodalite
  18. Tourmaline – Blue
  19. Tourmaline – Purple-Violet

Throat Chakra

chakra healing crystals

The Throat Chakra located at the base of the throat. It is associated with expression, communication, responsibility, leadership, and freedom.
Having an unbalanced throat chakra can lead to anxiety, fear, ADD, feeling isolated, and poor coping skills. People also report sinus problems, loss of voice, sore throat, gum and teeth issues, and thyroid problems.

Blue Lace Agate is effective for both activating and healing the throat chakra. It also promotes self expression which can prevent blocks in your throat chakra and also clears any blocks that you may currently have. If you are looking for crystals to not only heal your throat chakra, but also promote self expression I highly recommend starting with this crystal.

  1. Agate – Blue Lace
  2. Amazonite
  3. Amethyst
  4. Calcite – Blue
  5. Celestite
  6. Melanite
  7. Jasper – Blue
  8. Lapis Lazuli
  9. Larimar
  10. Lepidolite
  11. Obsidian – Blue
  12. Obsidian – Blue-Green
  13. Obsidian – Green
  14. Opal – Blue
  15. Petalite
  16. Shattuckite
  17. Spinel – Blue
  18. Tourmaline – Blue

Heart Chakra

chakra healing crystals

The Heart Chakra is located in the region of your physical heart. It is in the center of all of the other chakras and your spirit. Since it is the center of both, it is a vital chakra to work on if you are new to chakra healing I recommend starting here.

It is associated with compassion, love, adventure, trust, forgiveness, self-compassion, and relationships. Having an unbalanced heart chakra can cause faithlessness, distrust, inability to forgive, feeling detached, and lack of commitment. People have also reported respiratory problems, upper-back pain, asthma, pneumonia, shoulder pain, pain in the upper arms, breast problems, and premature aging.

  1. Amazonite
  2. Apophyllite – Green
  3. Atacamite
  4. Calcite – Red
  5. Chrysoprase
  6. Dioptase
  7. Garnet – Melanite
  8. Garnet – Uvarovite
  9. Jasper – Green
  10. Kunzite
  11. Larimar
  12. Lepidolite
  13. Magnesite
  14. Muscovite
  15. Obsidian – Blue-Green
  16. Obsidian – Green
  17. Peridot
  18. Quartz – Green
  19. Quartz – Rose
  20. Ruby
  21. Sapphire – Green
  22. Spinel – Green
  23. Tourmaline – Green(Verdelite)
  24. Tourmaline – Pink
  25. Tourmaline – Watermelon
  26. Variscite

Solar Plexus Chakra

crystals for chakras

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located at the diaphragm. It is associated with inner-strength, desire, emotions, instincts. Having an unbalanced solar plexus can make cause loss in short term memory, insomnia, eating disorders, feeling uncentered, difficulty concentrating, and sugar addictions. It can also cause acne, obesity, eczema, indigestion, food allergies, poor metabolism, and other stress and skin related issues.

  1. Beryl
  2. Beryl – Golden
  3. Beryl – Chrysoberyl
  4. Jasper – Yellow
  5. Labradorite
  6. Obsidian – Mahogany
  7. Peridot
  8. Rhodochrosite
  9. Smithsonite
  10. Spinel – Yellow
  11. Tiger’s Eye
  12. Tourmaline – Yellow

Sacral Chakra

crystals for chakras

The Sacral Chakra is located at the based of the spine and is associated with sexual health, connection to others, confidence, and creativity. An unbalanced sacral chakra can cause low self-confidence, unstable emotions, low libido, dependency issues, addictions, and eating disorders. People have also reported UTIs, kidney problems, infertility, lower back pain, problems with sexual organs, irregular menstrual cycles, and much more.

  1. Chrysoprase
  2. Obsidian – Mahogany
  3. Opal – Black-Brown-Grey
  4. Opal – Cherry
  5. Quartz – Tangerine
  6. Spinel – Orange
  7. Tiger’s Eye
  8. Tourmaline – Red

Root Chakra

crystals for chakras

The Root Chakra is also located at the base of the spine. It is associated with survival, abundance, family, passion, and connection to the earth. Having an unbalanced root chakra can cause feeling ungrounded, loneliness, insecurities, abandonment issues, depression, anxiety, addictions, phobias, lack of confidence, phobias, and obsessions. People have also reported varicose veins, lower back pain, water retention, and digestive issues.

  1. Agate – Fire
  2. Apatite
  3. Aragonite
  4. Bixbite – Red Beryl
  5. Carnelian
  6. Garnet – Pyrope
  7. Garnet – Rhodolite
  8. Jasper – Red
  9. Opal – Cherry
  10. Quartz – Smoky
  11. Rhodochrosite
  12. Spinel – Red
  13. Tiger’s Eye
  14. Tourmaline – Black

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