Complete List Of Crystals For Intuition

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Everyone has intuition; a feeling or even a voice that tells them something is off or maybe that this is the right path for them. However, sometimes it can be hard to listen to it our build that intuitive response. Luckily their are crystals for intuition work that can help.

Your intuition is a the sacred voice of your inner consciousness or inner being. However most of us are trained from a young age to listen to and trust our brain more. This can make it harder to hear as we get older which can get us into trouble sometimes.

You also intuitively knows your life’s purpose. Although something may not seem logical, it might be the exact path you need to be on to reach your spiritual and life goals. However, if you don’t listen and only focus on the logical side of everything you can live your life without achieving any of your spiritual goals. Not completing these goals can leave you feeling disconnected and underachieved on a subconscious level.

The best two ways to use crystals to help strengthen your intuition is to meditate with them or keep them close by or wear them. I personally recommend doing both so you can get the maximum benefits from the crystal.

Agate – Moss

Moss Agate is a wonderful for both people who are working on accessing their intuition and people and people who already have. Moss Agate helps intellectual people access their intuitive feelings and learn to use these feelings in everyday life. It also promotes channeling your intuitive feelings in a practice. This makes it great for people who are looking on taking their intuition work to the next level.


Amazonite is wonderful for unlocking your intuitive potential. It also combined intuitive knowledge and intellectual knowledge creating a balance between the logical and intuitive minds.


Amethyst is on of our more spiritual crystals for intuition. It is known for opening your intuitive side and unlocking your psychic gifts. It also encourages spiritual wisdom which can help you both strengthen and understand the intuitive feelings as they come.

Amethyst – Chevron

Chevron is known for enhancing your inner intuitive visions. This makes it wonderful for both people who are trying to discover their intuitive side and people who are ready to take their intuitive side to the next level.


Apophyllite is known for stimulating your intuition. This makes it wonderful for people who are wanting an “intuitive boost.”


Aquamarine sharpens your intuition and promotes high states of consciousness and spiritual awareness. These attributes can help you along your journey to not only becoming a more intuitive being but understanding your intuition.


Azurite is one of our crystals for intuition that promotes an overall intuition development. This is great for people who are just getting started with intuitive work It also attunes spiritual guidance which can help you along the way.

Chrysoberyl – Alexandrite

Alexandrite, a form of Chrysoberyl, opens your metaphysical abilities and intuition. This makes it wonderful for people who are wanting to work on both.

Chrysoberyl – Cat’s Eye

Cat’s Eye, another form of Chrysoberyl, stimulates both intuition and grounding. This is great because sometimes working on our intuition can throw us off and make us ungrounded. It’s also wonderful for people who are trying to stimulate their intuition but find it hard to stay grounded in everyday life.


Citrine not only opens intuition but can also help activate the crown chakra. This makes it the perfect tool for someone who is trying to accomplish both.


Fluorite has the ability to both heighten your intuitive abilities and speed up a spiritual awakening. That being said I recommend using it with caution if experiencing a spiritual awakening as sometimes taking them slow and working through things is the best course of action.

Garnet – Hessonite

Hessonite can be used for both opening your intuitive side and promoting out of body experiences. If you are not wanting to have out of body experiences I recommend setting the intention of not having them and not sleeping near them.

Garnet – Rhodolite

Rhodolite is both a crystal for inspiration and intuition. That being said if you are trying to unlock your intuitive side but also feeling stuck in an uninspired state this could be the perfect option for you.

Iron Pyrite

Iron Pyrite balances both instincts and intuition. This is wonderful for people who are trying to find that sacred middle ground between the two.


Kunzite is one of the more unique crystals for intuition because it combines inspiration, intellect and intuition. An example of this is intuitively knowing the path to take, feeling inspired enough to take it, and have the intellect to know how to make the most of the path.


Kyanite is known as an amplifier of high frequency energies and stimulate both intuition and psychic abilities. This makes it wonderful for people who are doing a lot of spirit work.


Labradorite is one of the amazing crystals for intuition that not only stimulates intuition, but also promotes receiving messages from the inner consciousness and understanding the meaning of these messages. This is perfect if you are wanting to not only get in touch with your intuitive side, but also get in touch with your inner consciousness.


Magnetite promotes trusting your intuitions. This makes in wonderful for people who have spent long periods of time distrusting or ignoring their intuition and are trying to get back on the right track.


Malachite no only enhances your intuition, but also releases negative traumas and promotes acknowledging and resolving suppressed feelings. Malachite is one of our crystals for intuition that is great for people who are trying to both strengthen their spiritual side, but also overcome a troubled past.


Merlinite balances both intellect and intuition. This makes it wonderful for people who are trying to find a balance between the two.


Moonstone promotes intuition, empathy and lucid dreaming. That being said, if you are not wanting to experience lucid dreaming then I recommend both setting the intention to not lucid dream as well as not sleeping with it close by.


Muscovite not only promotes intuition, but also promotes psychic visions. This makes it wonderful for people are trying to get in touch with that side of their spirituality.

Electric-Blue Obsidian

Electric-Blue obsidian promotes intuition and can help facilitate shamanic journeying.


Pietersite promotes spiritual visions and intuition. This makes it great who are working to achieve spiritual goals but unsure what path to take to achieve them.

Sapphire – Black

Black sapphire promotes confidence in your intuitive abilities and feelings. This makes it wonderful for people who are always second guessing themselves.


Sodalite connects logic and intuition which can help you achieve the sacred balance of both.

Spinel – Orange

Orange Spinel stimulates intuition and can help balance the emotions.


Stillbite not only promotes intuition but also manifests intuitive thoughts into action. This is wonderful for not only opening your intuitive side but learning to act on it.


Sunstone is known for raising intuition and clearing all chakras. This makes it perfect for someone who is wanting to do chakra work too.

Tourmaline – Purple-Violet

Purple-Violet Tourmaline stimulates both intuition and creativity making it the perfect choice for someone who does a lot of creative work.


Turquoise enhances both intuition and the meditative state. This makes it a great choice for people who are wanting that boost in intuition and also meditate a lot.


Wulfenite promotes intuition. That being said it is a very toxic stone and if used should be handled with caution and never placed directly on the skin.


Zincite is one of the crystals for intuition that enhances your intuitive state which can help you reach a higher level of intuition.

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