Complete List Of Crystals For Pain Relief

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Pain can make it hard to live your everyday life. Luckily there are some crystals for pain relief that can be added to our routines. While I don’t recommend stopping the use of any pain management your currently on, adding these crystals to your routine can slowly make a difference and help end your pain. After all, people have been using crystals for pain relief since ancient times.

Calcite – Blue

Blue Calcite helps dissolve and release pain which can help you manage your pain on a day to day basis or even just on days that you have a headache.


Celestite releases pain from the body and relaxes muscles tensions within your body making you feel relaxed and ready to take on the world.


Dioptase is one of our crystals for pain relief that works great for both general pain and migraines. If you suffer from chronic migraines this might be a great crystal to add to your routine.


Larimar is known for pulling pain out of the body when you place it on the problem area. It also promotes self-healing and can help remove energy blockages.


Magnetite relieves muscle aches and pains and provides the healing energy necessary for recovery from illnesses. It’s also known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties.


Obsidian is known for relieving pain brought on by arthritis and other joint problems. It can also help with cramps, injuries and helps with general pain relief.

Obsidian – Blue

Blue obsidian is known for treating localized pain and can remove pain quickly by simply placing it over the problem area.

Obsidian – Mahogany

Mahogany Obsidian is known for both it’s pain relief properties as well as improving circulation within the body.


Peridot is known for dulling the pains of child birth while strengthening the contractions which makes it great for expecting moms. The best way to use this is to simply lay it on your tummy when it is time to give birth.

Serpentine – Light-Green

Light-Green Serpentine is known for relieving aches and muscles pains. This makes it great for people who work out a lot or even athletes.

Smithsonite – Lavender-Pink

Lavender-Pink Smithsonite is known for soothing pains. Not only does it help with soothing physical pains but it is also known for helping with emotional pains and traumas.


Sugilite is known as a very strong pain reliever and not only clears up headaches but chases away pain of all levels. If you experience chronic pain in your everyday life Sugilite might be one of the crystals for pain relief that you should strongly consider.

Tourmaline – Black

Black Tourmaline provides pain relief on a general level but is also known for relieving the pain brought on by arthritis.


Turquoise is known for relieving cramps and general pain within the body. Turquoise is also known as a very powerful healing crystal that has the ability to heal the entire body of various ailments.

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