The Complete List Of Powerful Crystals For Sleep

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In today’s technology filled world sleeping can be the hardest thing we do. Luckily there are both crystals for sleep and meditations that can help with that.

You see, we have unconsciously wired our brains to constantly be working and focusing on various different things all at once. This can have a negative impact on our sleeping patterns and make it harder for us to wind down. This is why we are going to focus on calming crystals that will help you relax and get some rest. When you add crystals to promote sleep and relaxation they help you wind down, relax, and get you back to enjoying restful night. If you are looking for crystals for insomnia

The best way to see the effects of the crystals is to meditate with them before bed and make sure they are close to your bed while you sleep. You can just do one or the other but the effects of the crystals wont be nearly as strong without doing both.


Amethyst is known for treating insomnia and bringing on a restful sleep. It is also known for promoting out-of-body experiences so those using it should be prepared for the possibility of having one.


Cerussite helps by calming the mind down to get ready for a restful night. It is also known for treating insomnia and chasing away nightmares. If you find yourself or your child is experiencing bad dreams Cerussite would be one of the wonderful crystals for sleep to add to your routine.


Charoite is a very powerful crystals that promotes a deep restful sleep. It treats insomnia and promotes powerful dreaming states.


Chrysoprase promotes both relaxation and peaceful sleep. It also reduces nightmares making it another one of the crystals for sleep that are great for children to use.


Hematite is known for calimg the mind before sleep and aiding in treating insomnia. This will help you get back on track with your sleep schedule.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is another one of the beautiful crystals for sleep that helps treat insomnia. When you add it to your routine you can expect to notice yourself drifting to sleep fast and sleep better for longer. On top of it’s effects related to sleeping it is also a wonderful crystal overall to add to your toolbox.


Lepidolite is a crystal that is known for getting rid of sleep disturbances and treating insomnia so you can drift to sleep easily instead of staying up counting sheep.


Muscovite is another one of the amazing crystals for sleep that sends you into a soothing rest and chases away insomnia. It will help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling more refreshed.


Sodalite is known for calming the mind down and promoting a long night of restful sleep so that you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Tourmaline – Blue

Blue Tourmaline, unlike the other crystals for sleep, helps get rid of night sweats so you wake up feeling comfortable and dry. It also known to treat insomnia and help you sleep longer and better.

Tourmaline – Green

Green Tourmaline is known for quieting the mind and promoting a long restful night of sleep. It is wonderful for people with an overactive mind that just need a little help quieting down before bed.

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