Crystals For Creativity

crystals for creativity

Creativity comes and goes, so it can be something people struggle with. If you are a creative person or even have a job that requires creativity, it can be hard to go through a creative block. Especially when it sometimes comes at inconvenient times, like when you’re trying to sleep. Then the creativity goes away when you need to use it. Luckily there are crystals for creativity that boost the creative mind.

Creativity is associated with the Sacral Chakra. This is the reason that we find so much pleasure from it and project our passions into our creative practices. If you are having problems with creativity, I would recommend focusing on healing that chakra. You can do this through various meditations, energy healing, and crystal work. However, you can also keep a crystal that promotes creativity near you, and it will help as well. 

My person favorite crystal for creativity is Lapis Lazuli. Though I meditate regularly, it can still be challenging to keep those creative juices flowing. I find that when I find myself dealing with a creative block, just having it near me can help boost my creativity and get back on the right track though I will say that stopping and meditating with the crystal has an even stronger effect.