Crystals For Intuition

crystals for intuition

Everyone has intuition; some of us have trained ourselves to listen to ours more. If that’s not you and you find yours hard to hear or listen to, that’s okay. Anyone can train themselves to listen and understand their inner voice more. There are also luckily meditations and crystals for intuition that you can use to help.

Your intuition is a very sacred voice because it is your inner consciousness or the voice of your inner being. Most of us trained from a young age to listen to our brain, which can get us into trouble sometimes. The reason that it can make such a difference is that your inner consciousness can feel the energies surrounding different situations and will judge them based on that.

Your inner being also knows your life’s purpose. That means that while something may not seem logical, it might be the exact road you need to be on to reach your spiritual goals. Whereas if you focus on the logistics of everything, you can live your life without achieving any of your spiritual goals. Not completing these goals can leave you feeling disconnected and underachieved on a subconscious level.

The best two ways to use crystals to help listen to your intuition is to meditate with them or keep them close by — both are valid ways to use them, although I recommend doing both and not just one. Doing both is especially helpful when you are new to following your intuition.