Crystals For Pain Relief

Crystals For Pain Relief

Pain can make it hard to live your everyday life. Although I do not recommend stopping your regular pain management routine, I do recommend adding some crystals for pain relief because they can be a useful supplement to manage your pain.

They can also eventually, if appropriately used, help with weaning you off of pain medications. However, I recommend talking to your doctor before ending any medicines of any kind.

People started using crystals for pain relief in ancient times. They work because our bodies are energy-based. The crystals are also energy-based. That said, the crystals put off specific energies that resonate in various ways with our energies.

Pain itself is also a response to energy or energy blockages within our bodies. Thus when you use the crystal, it can remove the block or even let go of the negative energy that is causing you pain.

When it comes to relieving the pain, I recommend meditating with the crystals on the problem is or carrying the crystal around with you. Honestly, using both methods works the best.

It’s also important to note that since our energies are so different, you need to find the one that works best for you. I find that Amethyst is my go-to for pain relief. However, you might find that Lapis is the best option for yours, and that’s okay.