Crystals For Sleep


In today’s world, sleeping can be the hardest thing we do. Have you ever laid down only to find that your brain is wide awake and immediately starts thinking about something that you need to do? Luckily there are both crystals for sleep and meditations that can help with that.

When using the crystals to promote sleep, you can either place them on your nightstand or under your pillow to see the positive effects of them. Another thing you can do is add them to your meditation routine before you go to bed.

I recommend both meditating with them and keeping them close by while sleeping. The reason I recommend both is because the energies from the crystals will promote a well-rested night of sleep.

However, meditating with the crystals before you lay down will allow you to get your brain into that relaxed state of consciousness as well as use the crystal energy for sleep support.

My favorite crystal to use for sleep promotion is the amethyst. I find that it resonates well with me as far as relieving my stress, relaxing me, and promoting the excellent night’s rest.

That said, everyone is different and reacts to varying crystals in different ways. My overall recommendation is to try out the various crystals and see which ones resonate the best with you and your intentions.