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Our Amethyst Pyramids are 1 inch tall and weigh 1 ounce. Revolutionize your office or home to create a soothing and peaceful environment. Our Amethyst Pyramid has the perfect energy for focus and enhanced memory if you need to get some work done. It can also turn your space into a temple of peace by blocking stress and negative energy.

Benefits Of The Amethyst Pyramid

An Amethyst Pyramid has many positive attributes. They give off soothing and calm energy. This energy is known to help with anxiety and stress. If you suffer from anxiety or find yourself in stressful situations, I highly recommend adding it to your daily life.

Amethyst pyramids also promote balanced emotions. Balancing emotions can help if you are suffering from depression. It also comes in handy if you are working through the loss of a loved one. Whether you meditate with it or place it in your area, you will see a shift in your overall emotional health.  

 Amethyst pyramids are also known to block negative energy. I find this very useful in everyday life. As you walk around at work, in your own home, or even at the grocery store, you can pick up negative energy. This negative energy can slowly start to weigh you down and make you feel less enthused about life.

Amethyst pyramids are also an excellent option for doing work on the crown and third-eye chakras. The crown chakra is known for promoting states of higher consciousness, wisdom, connection to the universe, ecstasy, and liberation from limitations. The third-eye chakra promotes vision, intuition, wisdom, inspiration, and perception of the dimensions. Amethyst also cleanses the aura leaving you feeling refreshed. If you notice any problems with the above qualities, I highly recommend trying amethyst.

 Amethyst is one of the go-to crystals for people seeking spiritual growth and spiritual journeys. They promote a more spiritual insight on life and the soul, which can cause a massive shift in awareness. Since they also support intuition, it becomes effortless to choose the right paths in life while seeking enlightenment. 

On top of what they do for your spirituality, they also have some physical benefits to the body. Amethysts both boost and balance hormone production. This is great for people going through puberty, pregnant women, and even people on birth control. It’s also known to cleanse the blood. This is essential for removing toxins, and pollutants picked up in everyday life from the circulatory system. 

If you suffer from dehydration, an amethyst pyramid might be the perfect option for you. It encourages the absorption of water. If you feel like you are always drinking water but are still dehydrated, I recommend giving it a shot.

Amethyst also reduces bruising and swelling. This attribute is excellent for people with iron deficiencies or people that participate in sports. It’s essential also to note that it does have iron in it. I am not saying that it will cure iron deficiency. However, both the positive effects of bruising and exposing yourself to the iron could have a positive effect. 

One of the things that people love about amethyst is its ability to help you lose weight! Amethyst not only speeds up your metabolism but also regulates gut flora. Flora is the bacteria in your stomach. If your gut flora is not regulated, it can cause many problems, and one of those problems is weight gain.  

Amethyst is known for battling insomnia. If you suffer from insomnia or find it hard to get a good night’s rest, I recommend trying it out. You can either meditate with it before bed, place it on your nightstand, or place it under your pillow.

 Their effects on dreams and sleeping don’t stop there, though. They also promote the remembrance of dreams. Remembering your dreams is vital because dreams are your subconscious mind working through issues from the past. It is also your subconscious mind communicating what it wants for the future or how you felt about a situation. It also chases away nightmares and promotes out of body experiences. 

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