Aquamarine Point


Aquamarine points provide relief from stress and promote tolerance to other people. This is one of the many reasons that it’s great to place in offices or to carry into stressful meetings. It also protects against energy pollution which makes it the perfect stone to use in a space with a lot of electronics.

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Benefits Of An Aquamarine Point

Aquamarine points has a very calming and soothing energy. Its calming energy can help chase away the stresses from your job. Can you imagine going to work and being able to meet that deadline without pulling out your hair? Take one to work and place it on your desk. If you start feeling stressed, take a moment to pick it up and take some deep breaths. Set the intention to chase away your stress and then get back to work.  

Another thing that makes aquamarine points excellent for the workplace is that it promotes tolerance of other people. Being around many people all day can be hard, and let’s be realistic; we all have that one person we don’t like. How amazing would it be to show up at work and be able to tolerate them and have a good day!?

They are also a great addition to meditation, as well as your sleep routine. The fact that they are so relaxing makes them perfect when you’re getting ready for bed. Aquamarine also helps quiet the overactive mind. If you’re like me, sleeping can be hard. I remember everything I needed to do the second I lay down for bed. However, with aquamarine, I find myself drifting into a pleasant deep worry-free sleep in no time. If you want to use them to relax before bed, you can either meditate with one or place it on your bedside table. 

An aquamarine point can also help filter the information in your brain, giving you clarity. Have you ever walked into a room only to forget why you entered the room or what you needed? If so, then it’s probably because you have so much going on. You’re overwhelmed with information, and your brain can’t keep up with filing it. Luckily, this crystal helps get everything in order and get you back on track.

It also has the beautiful ability to bring unfinished business to a close. If you suffer from depression or regrets, then chances are it is due to unfinished business in your past. Aquamarine points have a beautiful way of showing you all of your unfinished business so that you can heal. That’s one of the things that makes it great for spiritual and psychological healing.

In my opinion, learning to understand your feelings can be hard but also extremely rewarding. When you gain that understanding of your emotions, you essentially peel back another layer of yourself. You learn and know that much more about yourself. Luckily, aquamarine points promote an understanding of your feelings, so it is a great tool to use if that’s a goal you have.

Spiritually, aquamarine promotes spiritual awareness and a higher state of consciousness. It also shields the aura, which makes it an excellent tool for empaths. If you’re an empath, your aura is the shield protecting you from feeling everything. I highly recommend aquamarine for anyone that feels overwhelmed by the emotions of others.   

Aquamarine points also clear and heal the throat chakras. If you find yourself having communication issues, you should try doing throat chakra work. It also aligns all of your chakras, spiritual body, and physical body. Aquamarine is easily one of my favorite crystals when it comes to spiritual advancement. 

On a physical level, aquamarine points help reduce the swelling in glands and pain from sore throats. These properties make it the perfect crystal to keep around during the sick season, especially if you get sick a lot.  

 Aquamarine points also regulate growth and hormones by harmonizing the thyroid and pituitary gland. These properties make it the perfect option for people who suffer from issues involving one or both of these glands. I highly recommend meditating with it and setting the intention of healing and balancing them.

It also calms the overreactions of the immune system, which is what makes it a potent tool against autoimmune diseases. If you suffer from an autoimmune disease, aquamarine would be an excellent addition to add to your treatments. 

Additional information

Weight2 oz
Dimensions2.50 in


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