Aventurine Bracelet


Aventurine is a wonderful stone to use for prosperity, protection against geopathic stress, and electromagnetic smog. It also promotes good leadership, compassion, empathy and perseverance. It can help stabilize the mind, stimulate perception and enhance creativity.

Aventurine helps connect the intellectual and emotional bodies bringing balance to your inner being. It calms anger, calms irritation, and promotes emotional recovery. It also promotes a state of inner well-being. Aventurine balances the divine feminine and masculine energies, encourages heart regeneration, and protects the heart chakra.

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Spiritual Benefits of our Aventurine Bracelet


Aventurine is a beautiful stone that promotes positivity and personal well being along with many other healing properties. It is most widely known and used for due to it’s ability to bring prosperity into the lives of the ones who use it! Those who are seeking a more prosperous life tend to love Aventurine.


It also protects against geopathic stress and electromagnetic smog making it wonderful to wear, carry with you or keep in areas with a lot technology. Aventurine is wonderful for people in positions of power such as bosses or people in the business industry as it promotes good leadership and compassion of others. It is also known for bringing out the empathetic side of people as well as promoting perseverance.


Beyond all the other amazing benefits of Aventurine it is known also for stabilizing the mind. It creates balance between your intellectual and emotional bodies causing a state of inner peace and balance. It can help protect against states of anger and frustration as you heal and live your daily life. If you are suffering from emotional trauma Aventurine might be the perfect addition to your tool kit as it aids in emotional recovery and growth.

Aventurine also protects the heart chakra and balances the divine feminine and masculine energies within bringing you to another state of inner peace and balance on top of the balance in brings to the intellectual and emotion bodies. It is also a wonderful tool for people who suffer from creative blocks as it enhances creativity.


Health Benefits of our Aventurine Bracelet


Aventurine promotes healthy connective tissue as well as a healthy thymus gland. It also balances blood pressure and speeds up your metabolism which can aid in weight loss. Aventurine also promotes a healthy nervous system and lowers cholesterol which can prevent heart attacks and arteriosclerosis. It is an anti-inflammatory and helps ease skin rashes as well as allergies. Another amazing benefit is it’s ability to help ease migraines. Beyond all that it aids in healing the adrenal glands, lungs, heart, sinuses, genitourinary system and muscular system.

Additional information

Weight.07 oz


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