Garnet Pyramid


Our Garnet Pyramids are 1 inch tall and weigh 1 ounce, They are also great energy purifiers, which makes them a lovely addition to high traffic or stressful places. They also keep other crystals in their area activated and amplify their energy.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 in

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Benefits Of A Garnet Pyramid

A garnet pyramid is a great energy purifier. The fact that it cleanses energy makes it the perfect crystal to add to high traffic zones. If you are looking for a crystal to add to your living room or office space, look no further. Since they purify the energy, they can transform what could be a stress-prone area into a more serene environment. Adding a garnet crystal to your living room can make both your family and guest feel comfortable and at ease. 

Another wonderful thing that garnets do is amplify the other crystals in their area. The amplification effect they have on other crystals makes them great to add to a group of your favorite crystals. Adding a garnet will keep them activated, charged, and filling the room with their incredible energy and light.

Garnets are also the perfect thing to add to the bedroom. They balance your sex drive, which can have a beautiful effect on you and your partner's sexual relationship. Or, if you are single, it will give you that balanced sexual relationship with yourself. Sexual energy is very powerful, and when you balance it and learn to use it properly, you will see amazing effects from it. 

Garnet pyramids also promote love. If you find yourself struggling in the love department garnet is wonderful tool use. If you aren't struggling in the love department, I challenge you to stop and ask yourself how much you love yourself. Is that something you need to work on? Garnet pyramids help with love in general, so whether you are struggling with love with others or with yourself, I recommend giving Garnet a shot. 

Garnet pyramids also promote devotion. Sometimes life gets hard, and it can have a substantial negative impact on things that you used to feel devoted to. If you're struggling with a lack of devotion Garnet is a great tool to add to your collection. 

Another wonderful trait of Garnet pyramids is that they promote passion. Not only for other people but also for tasks. If you are looking for more passion, whether it is in a relationship, hobby, or business adventure, adding this to your meditation routine could help. A Garnet pyramid promotes expanded awareness and past-life recollection. 

It also stimulates the pituitary gland, which makes it great for opening your third-eye chakra. As you may know, the third-eye chakra is associated with the pituitary gland. That being said, stimulating this gland can help in the process of opening your third eye. Opening your third-eye is essential in the process of spiritual growth and enlightenment. 

Last but not least, Garnet helps promote emotional harmony. Emotional harmony is a wonderful thing to have for both spiritual growth as well as personal growth. Through emotional balance, you learn to understand your emotions, where they come from, and what is causing them. This can help you in breaking negative habits as well as creating newer, more positive ones. It can also help heal old wounds that you might not realize you still have an impact on your life. 

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 in


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