Black Tourmaline Point


Black Tourmaline Points are known for their amazing spiritual health properties. They bring balance to the divine feminine and masculine energies within your body. Another fantastic thing about them is that they are known for clearing and balancing all of the chakras! That is part of what makes them an excellent tool for anyone that is on a very spiritual journey.

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Benefits Of The Black Tourmaline Point

Black tourmaline points are an excellent tool for spiritual growth. They are known for clearing and balance all of your chakras. They also clear and balance the meridians, which makes your energy flow through your body better. 

A black tourmaline point can also clear your aura leaving behind any negative energy you have picked up. This property is useful if you work with other people or find yourself in a lot of social situations. Sometimes just clearing that negative energy from your aura can leave you feeling more positive and energetic. 

Black Tourmaline points are also known for balancing the divine feminine and masculine energies. If your divine feminine and masculine energies are off, you might notice yourself struggling in some areas and succeeding in others. For instance, you may notice that you excel in competitive situations but have a hard time being nurturing to others. 

Another fantastic spiritual growth property it has is sending you deep into your inner self. The fact that it does this makes it great for self-discovery. If you find yourself on a new spiritual path and rethinking who you are, I recommend adding a black tourmaline point to your collection.

Black tourmaline points also promote tolerance for other people as well as compassion. If you find yourself having problems with tolerating others, I highly recommend meditating with it. You will find yourself more compassionate to other people in no time. 

It also attracts inspiration and creativity, which makes it excellent for clearing blocks in creativity. If you are a creative person, it can help you through those blocks that can sometimes send you climbing up the walls. If you aren’t a creative person but are trying to be more creative, it can help you reach that goal. 

Black tourmaline points also balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Balancing this can also help your success at various tasks. For instance, the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and functions that are logic-based. The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and creativity-based tasks. If you notice yourself struggling with some of these problems, it might not be an issue with your chakras. It could be an issue with your brain. I recommend starting with healing one thing and then trying the other if that solution doesn’t work for you.  

 Black tourmaline also changes negative thought patterns into positive ones. This property can be beneficial if you are trying to heal your thought patterns. Retraining your mind to be more positive can be very hard when you first start. However, since our thoughts create the world we live in, changing that negative thought pattern to a positive one is worth it. That’s why I recommend giving black tourmaline a chance to help with the process. 

It also realigns the spine. This property is a perfect place to start if you suffer from pain or crack your bones a lot. The spine is the center and support of all of your bones. That said, if the spine is not aligned correctly, you can experience pain in various locations throughout your body. Another bonus to using black tourmaline for realigning your spine is that it has pain relief properties. Since it has those properties, you will experience pain relief as you continue to work on your spine.

Black tourmaline points irradicate fear and promote confidence. The fact that it has these properties makes it great for people who are working through anxiety or depression. It can give you that extra boost of confidence you need to deal with situations that would usually send you running for the hills. It also helps remove feelings of paranoia, which can leave you feeling refreshed and take that extra weight off of your shoulders.   

Black tourmaline points give great defense against electromagnetic smog and radiation. It is excellent for young children because it helps with hand-eye coordination. Both of these make black tourmaline points a superb option for your home.

Additional information

Weight .2 oz
Dimensions 2.50 in


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