Fluorite Heart


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Benefits Of A Fluorite Heart

Fluorite cleanse the aura and absorbs negative energies. It also combats stress of all forms. Fluorite cleanses and purifies your body, putting everything back in its proper order. On top of organizing your body, it also promotes an organization mindset that can help you in everyday life.

Fluorite Hearts heighten intuition and quicken spiritual awakenings. If you feel like you are in the middle of a spiritual awakening but are stuck, this is the perfect tool for you to add via meditation. It also cleanses the chakras, which can make the process easier. Fluorite focuses the mind and connects it to the universal mind helping you move beyond narrow-mindedness and see the big picture.

Fluorite cleanses the mind and dissipates emotional trauma. It brings suppressed feelings to the surface for resolution. It also gives you confidence in yourself to overcome your obstacles and feel good about yourself in everyday life.

A Fluorite Heart also balances the sex drive, which can put your sexual health back on track. It is also known to benefit the bones and promote DNA repair. It can health the skin and any blemishes or wrinkles that you may have, making you more comfortable in it.

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