Labradorite Sphere


Weight3 oz
Dimensions1.6 in

Our Labradorite Spheres are 1.6 inches in diameter and weigh 3 ounces. They are an excellent tool for both the physical and metaphysical bodies. They can help with lowering blood pressure, raising metabolism, and even preparing your energy body for ascension.

Benefits Of A Labradorite Sphere

The Labradorite sphere has many benefits to both the physical and etheric bodies. It aligns both the physical and etheric bodies leaving you feeling wholesome and balanced. It balances your hormones and connects you with universal energies making you feel connected with the environment around you. Labradorite spheres calm the mind and energize imagination, which is excellent for people who are experiencing creative blocks.

On top of that, Labradorite promotes faith in yourself and chases away insecurities and fears. It also encourages perseverance and strength while relieving stress that can hold you back from your dreams. It relieves menstrual tension and promotes metabolism, which can help you with your weight loss endeavors.

Labradorite spheres are also known to raise consciousness and stimulate the creation and new ideas. It also protects you from both negative energies and lowers the blood pressure. It helps with gout and the common cold as well as healing from suppressed memories.

Labradorite is a great tool for empaths as it protects your aura from unwanted energies. It also prevents energy leakage and strengthens intuition. It also prepares the body and spiritual energies for ascension. Overall labradorite is a great tool with both physical and metaphysical benefits.

Additional information

Weight3 oz
Dimensions1.6 in


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