Red Jasper Pyramid


Weight1 oz
Dimensions1 in

Our Red Jasper Pyramids are 1 inch tall and weigh 1 ounce. They are also an excellent tool to add to your detox routine because they detoxify the blood and liver. They also promote a balance between the physical and etheric realms. It promotes determination, quick thinking, and even self-honesty. Another excellent benefit is its ability to remove both electromagnetic and environmental pollutants from the area.

Benefits Of A Red Jasper Pyramid

Our Red Jasper Pyramid helps remove toxins from the blood and liver, making it the perfect addition to your detox routine. It also supports digestive health, the sexual organs, and the circulatory system. Balancing the mineral content in the body is another thing that Red Jasper can help you accomplish.

Red Jasper is also a fantastic tool for cleansing the aura as well as the chakras. It has terrific effects on cleaning and charging the base chakra specifically. So if becoming more grounded is a goal for you, this might be the perfect tool.

Red Jasper aligns the physical body, the emotional body, and the mental body with the etheric realm. They can remove electromagnetic and environmental pollutants and protects against radiation leaving your environment clean and pollution-free.

On top of the physical and metaphysical benefits of Red Jasper, it also has lovely mental benefits as well. It promotes determination and quick thinking, which can be great for either work or personal projects. It also encourages self-honesty, which can help you work on your flaws and even overcome some roadblocks you've been experiencing. Overall it is a wonderful tool to add to your meditation toolbox.

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Weight1 oz
Dimensions1 in


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