Selenite Egg


Weight: 4 ounces

Size: 2.5″ tall

Selenite eggs enhance self-awareness and heal emotional wounds. They also convert negative energy into healing and forgiveness. Our Selenite eggs weigh 4 ounces and are 2.5 inches tall, making them the perfect size to use in meditating and easy pack while traveling. When it comes to spiritual advancement, Selenite is a definite life changer. 

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Weight4 oz
Dimensions2.50 in

The Benefits Of A Selenite Egg  

Selenite is known for being a stone of serenity because it provides a deep peace to your life. There are innumerable benefits of Selenite egg crystal, which can convert your busy and confusing life into an easy-going and peaceful life.

Similarly, Selenite assists you in seeing the bigger picture. Seeing the bigger picture allows you to make clear and informed decisions rather than making an impulsive decision and regretting the outcome. Another benefit of Selenite is the transparency it gives you about your life paths. With Selenite eggs, you can see each life path, how it will affect you, and whether or not it is the best choice for you. You will also become aware of what you want to gain in life. What are your real goals and passions?

Selenite, also known as the Angel stone, provides guidance from angels and spirit guides. On top of its ability to help you communicate with your angels and spirit guides, it also clears negative energy and removes negative influences that may attach themselves to you. The ability to remove these negative energies and influences gives you that extra peace of mind in knowing that all your decisions and feelings are authentic.  

Selenite crystal eggs also align the spine. People with a healthy, aligned and flexible spine are known to live longer and be healthier than people with a misaligned and stiff spine. If you think about it, the spine is your center of being. Your spine is in charge of balancing your entire body and keeping you upright. If your spine is not aligned correctly, it can cause aches, pains, pinched nerves, and many more issues. 

A businessman or woman can take advantage of Selenite because it helps you find influential practices for the business. Keeping it in your office will give you a competitive and influential edge, which will set you apart from your coworkers. You can expect to notice more innovative ideas flowing to you.

Selenite is the best crystal stone to balance your relationship with the people around you and connect with the universe. Selenite promotes deep connections with the people around you, which can strengthen your relationships and also make you view things through their eyes. It also connects you to the universal energy around you. This connection makes you see the world, and all the living beings in it, in a different more loving way.  

Another fantastic benefit of Selenite egg shaped stones is known to help detect the energy body. Additionally, it removes emotional and physical hindrances from your life. Thus, egg shape Selenite crystals provide you a calmer and more restful sleep.

Another fantastic reason to keep Selenite in your home is its ability to clean its fellow crystals. That means if you have many crystals keeping Selenite near them will keep them cleared, charged, and ready to use. No more salt baths, moon baths or sun baths, unless you want to of course. 

Additional information

Weight4 oz
Dimensions2.50 in


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